Monday, December 17, 2012

Home of the Affirmation Spinner...

In our family, we found that we were in need of a way to speak and receive words of affirmation and love. (Read more in the "our story" page).  Words of encouragement have become a lost art. This spinner has become a way for us to find life-giving conversation at our family dinner table. And has brought a beautiful new language of love into our home.

We believe that everyone is fearfully and wonderfully made -- something our hearts long to be told every day!
How it works: 
Each person spins the affirmation spinner (Our kids like to see how fast they can get it going.) and follows the instruction on the pie piece that points to them.

Sometimes they tell a brief story. Other times they affirm someone else. Still other times, they receive affirmation from everyone around the table.

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